‘We really believe in Anthem’: BioWare doubles down to make flagship game work

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BioWare isn’t ready to pull the plug on its flagship game Anthem just yet.

The online multiplayer action role-playing game launched in February but faced unfavourable criticism from video game reviewers and fans. Metacritic, a website that provides an overall score based on multiple reviews, gave the third-person shooter a mixed or average score while user reviews were generally unfavourable.

Video game review site IGN rated Anthem 6.5/10 and described it as boring at points with mechanics that were disastrous.

In a March blog post on BioWare’s website, general manager Casey Hudson acknowledged “a rougher launch than expected” and said he was sad to hear that any issues would keep someone from playing the game.

Months later, BioWare has attempted to turn things around through various patches and the launching of its Cataclysm events, which provided more content to draw both old and new gamers in.


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Hudson said on Monday that they aren’t ready to give up on Anthem just yet.

“We really believe in Anthem,” he said. “Its world, its core gameplay, we think there’s something really special there. It takes a while to tune it to be the thing everybody wanted it to be in the first place. We’ve seen that enough times in this genre that we believe that it can be the future of Anthem. It is also our baby.”

Anthem isn’t the only video game to go through a series of struggles.

No Man’s Sky, an action-adventure survival game involving space travel and exploration, received a lot of attention for its gameplay mechanics and promise of randomly generating planets to discover. When the game launched in 2016, those promises weren’t fully realized until years later. The developer is now trying to recapture the same attention the game received when it was first released, a situation BioWare could find itself in.

Hudson said he wants to give gamers a reason to come back to try Anthem.

“Even with No Man’s Sky, it was a story of people going away from a game for a while and then rediscovered that in their absence it was getting better the whole time and then coming back to it,” he said. “(We want to) build a case for many people to come back and enjoy the world (of Anthem). We’re seeing some of those (potentials) and some of the things we’re working on right now starting to come to fruition.”

Anthem is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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